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A deserted nursery school, with metals framed cots, papers and a gas mask, in the abandoned town of Pripyat, inside the Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl.

Neo-Assyrian Amethyst Vase, c. 8th century BC
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A necklace made from human fingers and various other human body parts crafted by a Cheyenne native american shaman. Late 1800’s.
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The earliest evidence of ancient dentistry we have is an amazingly detailed dental work on a mummy from ancient Egypt that archaeologists have dated to 2000 BCE

Time-lapse of river changing course over 28 years.
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A map of what disease is most likely to kill you, based on country.
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A Photograph of a Single Drop of Sea Water

Source: here and here
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Top 10 Mindblowers: Babies and Toddlers
Don’t be fooled by their cute chubby faces and delightful babbling, because our larval humans are strange and powerful creatures. From their factory-installed brain power and culinary tastes to their monstrous biology, human infants and toddlers are damn-near beings from another world.

Prepare yourself. Here are 10 mind-blowing facts about the tiny humans who will one day replace us all and rule the world.

READ MORE: http://is.gd/8gAUOP
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Tutenkhamun’s gold dagger and sheath. 3300 years old.